ENDEX automation SINCE 1989

Since 1989, ENDEX Automation has introduced digital technology to the research and development of motor drives. It started with industrial control and specializes in the design and application of software and hardware for multi-axis control. We are a R & D-oriented company.

ENDEX Automation is equipped with industry-leading motor control technology and embedded system development capability.

In the field of motor control, customized controllers can be designed and made to fulfill the characteristics of various motors which then create extra value to the end products.

If you are in need of industrial automation control or all kinds of automation applications, ENDEX can be your reliable partner throughout design, development, and production.

About us


We respect our customer’s request and take care of their needs. We persist to our core technology and always seek to save every energy in our customer’s products.


Our rich and various motor control experience and efficient internal communication enable us to quickly respond to customers’ needs and provide immediate and professional services.


While providing advanced technical service to our customers, we also strive to pursue reasonable lower cost for our customers to elevate their product competitiveness.

We design and produce

various advanced controllers with

respect to our customer's


Our fields..

Stepper motor control

DC motor control

AC inverter

BLDC motor drive

Power generation system driver

Embedded System Design

Used in the following ..

Industrial control


Power bike

Electric bed


Customized application control

Our products

Various control drivers and customer's applications

Stepper motor control

110V AC input standard type,
DC input special type,
Full digital high efficiency design,
Bipolar excitation, high torque


Labeling machine,
Wire cutting machine,
Packing Machine,
Industrial equipment

DC motor controller

220V / 110V input,
1HP, 2Hp, 3HP
DC motor driver

Dedicated DC motor drive controller


Lifting table,
Electric bed,
Power windows, etc.

AC inverter

220V / 110V input
0.25HP ~ 5HP
Working frequency up to 4Hz ~ 900Hz
FOC vector control


High-speed juice machine,
Industrial exhaust fan,
Industrial vacuum cleaner

BLDC motor drive

AC, DC input,
Support 100W ~ 2KW
Sine wave
Sensorless FOC

BLDC motor is comparably energy-saving and low-noise. Endex is able to design and develop BLDC motor controllers in accordance with customers’ request to fulfill the motors efficiency and therefore adding value to customers’ products.


Power bike,
Electric screwdriver,
High-speed juice machine,
High-speed vacuum cleaner,
Conveyor belts, etc.

Power generation system

Self-generation system,
Integrated control of battery charge and discharge


High-end bicycle training machine

Embedded System Design

We design human-machine interface device for our controllers, making the operation and system control easy to use.
We also develop all kinds of sensor application control system, as well as integration of machine, electric, and electronics.

Human-machine interface integration, motor drive control


Treadmill control, watch, TFT control table, training APP, integration with various DRIVER

Our Service

Design and manufacture of User Interface and Motor control host

Customized design
Demand revision
Embedded System Design
Mass production

Make product quickly

Requirements and project planning

We leverage our expertise in the field of motor control to identify the needs of customers and to discuss system architecture. Including features, specifications, and customer expecting milestones. Once the demand and schedule are determined, the project will be officially started.

Development and Design

Base on customer’s requirements and specifications, ENDEX’s design team will work to create the circuit diagram, PCB layout, and develops embedded systems.

Prototype and test

Prototype sample will be made for testing the embedded system and the integration with the hardware. After Endex in-house test is completed, the sample will be handed over to the customer for application test to verify the design. A small volume of pilot run will be executed before entering mass production.

Mass production

Once the design and trial production run is verified, the newly designed product is ready for mass production.

After Service

Firmware and Software update support is available to our customers upon request.

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Application product is sample of customers